June 14, 2016

Newborn Session // The Katchikians

I met Jen about 6(ish?) years ago when she taught at a Bible camp I attended. She left a few years after to get married, and then one Sunday evening, they showed up at my church! We kept in touch, and now a couple of years after that, I  photographed her beautiful family!! 🙂

0G7A0522 0G7A0514 0G7A0496 0G7A0447-2 0G7A0442 0G7A0433 0G7A0420-3 0G7A0420-2 0G7A0412 0G7A0385 0G7A0361 0G7A0350 0G7A0347 0G7A0335 0G7A0334 0G7A0332 0G7A0323-2 0G7A0287 0G7A0284 0G7A0271 0G7A0260 0G7A0257

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