March 31, 2016

Top 10 shoots I would like to do!

So to start off this new blog, here are 10 shoots I  would love to do at some point! If you are interested in helping me cross some of these off of my list, send me a message!

  1. A fresh 48.. don’t know what that is? (Basically, a shoot within the first 48 hours of your new baby’s birth! 🙂 I would absolutely LOVE to do one of if you or someone you know would be interested in that.. send me a message here :
  2. A destination wedding! Know someone who needs a photographer?! 🙂 Send ’em on over!

      3. In a sunflower field… (If you know me, you know I absolutely love why not a shoot in a field of             them?! 🙂

4.  In an apple orchard.. that would be absolutely beautiful!

5. A wedding with a Lil Red Express Truck in it… or basically any vintage truck 🙂

6. An engagement shoot in a field of basically anything..hay, flowers…. ect :

7. A country-themed wedding.. (Yes, absolutely yes! 🙂 )

8. A shoot at a castle… I doubt this could ever happen, but oh if it did?! 🙂

9. A shoot in the mountains.. Yes, this would be AMAZING!!! 🙂

10. AND lastly, A shoot in a waterfall… or by a waterfall… (might be safer! 🙂

So thats it! Just a few small things that I would like to do someday!


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