December 30, 2022

CNic Photography BTS 2022

Wow. Another year come and gone for this little business. Every year I love to look back and remember all of the memories through this blog post! 2022 was insane. 17 year old Carrie could never have imagined what this year would hold. The year started off incredibly busy and a little bit overwhelming after the past two years. In June I unexpectedly had a seizure which caused me to lose my driver’s license for (what was supposed to be) six months. This was really difficult for me because my summer was jam packed with shoots, weddings, and events. I would have to find transportation to and from each session, as well as my body adjusting to a higher dosage of the medication I am on. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that it was an easy transition. I struggled alot and I never want to go through that again, but I can genuinely say the Lord used it for my good. It grew my character and strengthened my trust and reliance on Him rather than myself.

I also am so thankful for all of my clients and other photographers I worked with. You all were so accommodating and gracious through this difficult season, from coming to MY location for sessions, to even driving me home after weddings!

Surprisingly, I was able to get my license back by the end of September which was such a blessing and totally the Lord’s providence. This led to an insanely busy fall season! As I look back over this past year, I am really thankful. 11 weddings and countless family / other sessions. God’s plans are so much better than what I can imagine and I’m so excited for whatever He has in store for 2023.

So, to end off this post…I want to say a huge thank you.

A thank you to my clients and photog friends. A thank you to my second shooters. A thank you to my family (and church family) for walking through this season with me.

And ultimately a thank you to the Lord. He provides…and He is good.

Enjoy some of the Behind the Scenes from 2022!

Starting off the year with Naomi and Jacob’s beautiful April wedding! 

Lauren seconded this one with me and she did an amazing job as always! 

So thankful for these two. It was SUCH a fun, encouraging wedding day! 

I then proceeded to CHOP a whack ton of my hair off…. and seconded a few weddings with my good friend Emily from Emily B Photography!

So thankful for Emily for asking me to work with her for yet another season!

This is my “testing the flash for entrances” face apparently….

I got the WORST sunburn from this wedding… 😛 Wear that sunscreen friends! 

Dress Fluffer 🙂 

Elevator selfie with the whole videography / photography team and the bride and groom! 

I also got to work with Sarah Grace Photography yet again and this was actually the first wedding back after my seizure. She was so accommodating and did an amazing job!

All those test the lighting shots! 

I also got to second for Emily Jean Photography on one of the hottest 12 hour days I’ve ever done! She is an awesome photographer and it was great to connect finally! Also, there was a late night BUBBLE TEA TRUCK! #GOALS!

Then it was one of my weddings! Sophie seconded for me for Kelsey and Matt’s wedding day and it was so much fun working with her again! She always does a great job! 

“Matt, when you see her, feel free to just enjoy the moment….swing her around, give her a hug, etc”

We had to organize a HUGE group shot… and with the help of a stool and a microphone, we accomplished our goal!

So tired but very happy we got golden hour 🙂  LOVE LOVE LOVE these two!!!!

Demonstrating a pose and capturing all of those details! Love ya Kelsey and Matt! 

Annika and Connery’s Engagement Session on a tiny island in Muskoka! Such a cool morning. Thanks Emily for getting up SUPER early and driving us and Sophie for the BTS video clips!

So thankful to have been apart of Erin and Vlad’s special day! Also, huge props to Soph for being a dress floofer! 

Another hot summer wedding with Sarah! 

My last wedding of the year was seconding for Ashley Mcguire Photography at Cranberry Creek Gardens! She is a great photographer and it was so fun to hang out with her for the day!

The father of the groom thought it would be hilarious to take this photo of me and the of course it had to end up in this blog post! 

I have no idea what is happening…. 😛

A VERY special Anniversary session for Lauren and Nick where we took their baby announcement photos! (Go check that out here!)

And friends, that is it…..another year in the books. If you made it all the way to the end, thank you for following along on this wild adventure. Here’s to whatever 2023 may hold! 

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