December 22, 2020

CNic Photography Behind The Scenes 2020

This is always one of my very FAVORITE blog posts to do each and every year! From my many ridiculous faces to the most epic veil fluffs, I’ve enjoyed every bit of this year with shooting. This year had so many uncertainties and challenges, but it was still a year to remember. 10 weddings. Fewer than planned at the start of the year, but the exact number I prayed God would give me. He provides and He is good. 🙂 

So buckle up for a long blog post that shows that I’m not just a wedding photographer…I’m a veil fluffer, dress fixer, hype girl, family photos organizer, and your biggest cheerleader!

I started off 2020 with a styled shoot at Sherman Falls. Mike from Venture Films joined me and did a short video that you can view here :

Then cue the crazy Carrie faces at Kate and Chris’s wedding 😛Lauren was able to second for me twice this season, and I cannot wait until the next wedding we can shoot together! We always have a blast!A new element was learning to shoot with masks….definitely makes it a bit harder.So so thankful for her.  Lauren doing her legendary veil fluffs! 😀  Carrying ALL the GEAR!  This year I was also able to second for my dear friend Emily, and I am truly thankful for every single opportunity. Emily is SO good at what she does. She always gives 100% of herself at each wedding, and I have learned SO much from working with her these past few years! Also, her hair is ALWAYS on point… One of these days I hope my hair will look that good… 😀

Got to drive a golf cart for the very first time and didn’t crash anything, so I’d call that a success!   Organizing family formals while Emily photographed some of cocktail hour! Helping a sweet bride with her dress on the way to golden hour images! I have NO idea what is going on here…. 🤣🤣  So thankful for this job.  

Whenever Emily needs to test her flash setup for the first dance, I am her test subject….often resulting in super awkward poses. Testing out lighting and doing those detail shots!Riding in a golf cart with Lauren driving this time!  Again….WHAT am I doing?! So awkward… 😛  Lauren the gear handler. And then golden hour again. I had prayed specifically for this day to have a golden hour, and God answered that prayer with the most stunning golden hour!!!    I always wear shorts underneath my dresses because of the awkward positioning I normally shoot in!   This wedding in Oshawa was STUNNING. Seriously felt like I was in a Jane Austen movie the whole time we were shooting.. It was a super windy wedding day, and the bride’s veil flew off halfway through portraits…straight into the fountain…so I gave my camera to Em and jumped in……It was a bit deeper than it looked. 😛 My happy place <3  Ever wonder why my back is killing me after a wedding day? Probably because of stances just like this… We got to work with so many talented videographers this year, including Janet from Videos by Janet! Definitely go check her out! Little BTS from my rainy Muskoka shoot! This was super last minute but ended up being SO incredible. I also got to work with Sarah from Sarah Grace Portraits. Every time I work with her I am blown away by her. Sarah is exactly what I want to be. Godly, hard working, and SO amazing at her work. Love you Sarah!Another wedding with Emily…. I’m rocking the veil scarf look, right?!So many outdoor weddings this year, and this one was definitely a bit chilly!     Again practicing for entrances into the outdoor reception! Gotta love those flash test shots….apparently I do the same pose every time? I thought this one was too funny not to share…Photobomb 😀 

The only BTS photo I got of Alexis and Jake’s gorgeous day in Muskoka! Such a beautiful day celebrating these two!Another wedding with Emily! Probably changing lenses? 😀 Can you tell we have a lot of fun?! More flash tests! The coldest October day! Just a typical grouping of Carrie expressions! If anyone has any tips for volume without fuzz in hair, please send me all the tips! Veil toss! Carrying all the gear! Fixing the train. I promise everyone was actually happy!  So thankful I get to do this as my JOB?!  Emily is SO good at always making sure you look your VERY BEST!   I will even take your picture with your cellphone if you ask me nicely 😉  That golden glow 😀  Another wedding means another flash test series…. Gotta make sure that first dance is well lit 😀   My last wedding of 2020, and Sophie was my second this time! SO SO awesome working with her! She was such a huge help 😀 Soph being the best bouquet holder 😀  Secret talent : wrangling large bridal parties of cold individuals.  And fixing veils… 😛 And thats a wrap on the 2020 season!

This year was challenging in SO many ways, but I can truly say that God is good and blessed me with experiences that grew me…….So overall, I’m thankful for 2020!  Soph, THANK you for helping me with this last wedding! I couldn’t have done it without you!    

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