November 13, 2019

Bridal Glee, Azazie, Etsy, and David’s Bridal Bridesmaid Dress Review

Okay friends! Before I say anything, I want you all to know that I am in NO way sponsored by ANY of these companies. I was a bridesmaid 4 times this year and bought each of my dresses myself! I researched many different companies and ended up buying each dress from a different store.

I also noticed that there were not many reviews from a bridesmaid’s perspective about these different companies, so I figured I would help you all out and tell a bit about each experience!

Here GOES!

First off is David’s Bridal!  

For my brother’s wedding all of the bridesmaids and the bride went to David’s Bridal.

The consultant was VERY helpful, but they had VERY limited selection if you wanted lace on your dress (which we wanted). We ended up choosing two different styles for the bridesmaids and I ended up with a short, cap sleeve dress with a v neck back. We had to order our dresses and wait for them to come in, but once they came in, we went to pick them up. When I tried mine on, it seemed like mine had been worn before (almost like sweat stains on the underarms), but I didn’t worry too much about it and brought it home.

SIZING : I was a size 10 in the David’s Bridal sizing but could fit a 12. The consultant recommended the 10, so I got that and it fit like a glove. I didn’t need any alterations.

PRICING : We bought our dresses when David’s was having a sale, but I still spent around $160-170 for my dress.

CONCLUSION : Personally, I absolutely loved wearing this dress and I will for sure wear it again, but I think the price tag was a bit much for a dress that seemed a bit cheaply made.

Next up

I ordered my dusty blue bridesmaid dress from Azazie and I was very happy with it. The color was stunning and the quality is impeccable. They have SO many styles to choose from and they now have a Canadian site, which will make ordering from them in the future super easy! Also, the style I got was a wee bit low for me, so I had my seamstress put in an extra swatch of material!

SIZING : I did order a size 12, and I should have definitely ordered a 10 (or maybe an 8) because I had to get it REALLY altered.

PRICING : My dress was US $109, which I think is really reasonable considering the quality. I would recommend getting sized by an actual seamstress before ordering online though!

CONCLUSION : I loved my experience with Azazie! Their quality is awesome and the abundance of styles makes picking a dress really easy. I wish they had a few more styles with sleeves, but compared to other bridal stores, they are fantastic! I also loved the dusty blue color. So pretty and feminine.

Next was Etsy!

For my sister’s wedding we ordered our dresses from a woman in Ukraine who handmade each dress. Here is her shop.

SIZING : I ordered a size 10, which fit pretty well. I didn’t love the super high crew neck. I think if I could’ve done it over, I would’ve asked for a boat neck or a small v-neck.

PRICING : My dress was around $80, because we ordered all 6 of the bridesmaids dresses together, which was an awesome price considering they are handmade. We had to pay a bit for shipping, but we also got a small discount because we bought so many.

CONCLUSION : I was really impressed with HelensWear! Their quality is incredible and the owner was always prompt in responding to our many questions.  The shipping took a couple of months because of coming from Ukraine, but ultimately, for a more casual bridesmaid look, I would say 9/10.



Photo courtesy of lulakingphotography   (used with permission)

For my best friend Lauren’s wedding, we ordered from BridalGlee. I LOVED how many styles they had that were made of similar fabrics but different styles. I also LOVED the color and fit of this dress.

SIZING : I did the free custom sizing that was included in the price (based on the David’s Bridal sizing) and the dress fit PERFECTLY. I didn’t have to alter mine at ALL. The plum color… AMAZING!!

PRICING : My dress was around $110? The quality of this dress was INCREDIBLE! THREE LININGS. The material was so fun and flowy, but super thick and well made.

CONCLUSION : BridalGlee rocked it. I was a little hesitant ordering from them because there seemed to be a whole bunch of these type of websites that carried similar dresses, and some seemed sorta sketchy. BUT, other than having to wait 3 or so months for them to arrive, its perfect! I’ll have to find some fancy event to wear all of these to now. 😛

Anyway, I hope that these help you if you are thinking of using any of these places or sites for your wedding or if you are a bridesmaid! 🙂

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