January 1, 2020

2019 Behind The Scenes Review

WOW. I cannot even believe we are DONE 2019.

15 weddings and countless family, newborn, and engagement sessions later, and I MADE IT! This year was one of THE hardest years of my life, but also SO SO rewarding. I was able to travel across Canada MULTIPLE times and even photographed a wedding in the US (definitely a highlight!).

I literally can’t put into words how much all of my #cniccouples mean to me. They trusted me through rain, sun, and extreme heat (43″ people!), and I am SO thankful for your support!

Lauren, thank you for supporting me through most of my weddings this year. For carrying crazy amounts of gear, for making sure I kept hydrated so I wouldn’t have crazy migraines the day after a wedding, for being a willing friend. I am SO thankful for you!

Sophie and Megan, thank you both for helping me with several of my weddings! You both did a great job and I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

To all my 2019 couples. THANK YOU. Seriously. From the bottom of my heart, I LOVE my job. I was scrolling through some of my blog posts from this year, and it made me realize how much JOY I get from shooting.

I loved serving you all. I loved being apart of your wedding day.

I know there are thousands of photographers out there, but thank you for picking me. <3

Here is just a snippet of what I’ve been up at CNic Photography this year!

I started the year off with seconding twice for @sarahgraceportraits, a dream come true! I’ve followed her work since I was 12 or 13, so to be able to actually shoot THREE weddings with her this year was such a blessing from God! I also had the opportunity to photograph 3 of the 4 weddings I was a bridesmaid in this year thanks to this amazing girl and Sophie! I also almost fell into the river in my dress, which would have been horrible for the reception 😉  “Trying” to keep everyone focused 🙂 It wouldn’t be a proper behind the scenes post without a couple of Lauren’s trademark veil fluffs!  I couldn’t have done it without you!  I got to work with the amazing Amy Peters this year, and it was awesome. The dreamiest evening light, and Amy is the sweetest soul! We had a blast together, and I am so thankful for my being able to work with her!Remind me to ALWAYS smile with my teeth… 😛 #reallife  Testing lighting for the reception entrances. Detail shots. One of my sweet #cniccouples  Engagement Session at Dundurn Castle! You can see this session here! Who knew it could be so hard trying to do two jobs at once 😉 William with Henty Crew Films did an amazing job, and Lauren and I had a blast working with him! I was already booked for Julia and Billy’s wedding day, but they wanted me to take their engagement pictures, which was so special to me! Third time being a photographer AND a bridesmaid. I had had about 5 hours of sleep in the previous two days and flew back from New Brunswick the morning before the wedding, so don’t judge my sleepy eyes. 😛 Soph was SUCH a help for this wedding! Because Lauren and I were both bridesmaids, she took the lead role and NAILED it. She is amazing, and I am so thankful for her! My brother did a bit of videography at this wedding, so it was cool to work alongside him. Did I mention we got to ride in a golf cart?!  This summer Muskoka session was one of my FAVORITES! It was so fun to try new things, and I even managed to NOT fall into the water. #soclumsy This was my second year working with Emily from Emily B Photography, and I’m so inspired by her. She was pregnant during this wedding season, but was such a champ.  She gave 110% every single wedding day and didn’t let anything slow her down from giving her clients an incredible experience.The one time my hair actually looked not insane 🙂 Robert and Fiona had the most amazing backyard wedding in Collingwood, and it was absolutely beautiful!  Seconding for Sarah Grace Photography again! 😀 Ah, Sarah. So thankful for you. <3 (Also, #hairgoals) Photographing my cousins wedding where I was related to ALL the groomsmen! Megan came and assisted me with this wedding, and she was a great help!   This was my first US wedding, and when I showed up to photograph the groomsmen, they had my favorite Starbucks drink waiting there for me. 😭I have THE BEST couples. Holding a sleeping baby during the reception = dreamwedding.   One of the last times seconding for Emily B. We had to take a bunch of family pcitures during cocktail hour, so the DJ mic’ed me up and I called out the groupings while Emily shot the photos! #bestteamever Again, I look ridiculous, but real life 🙂 Testing out the flash for the first dance. One of my families from my fall mini sessions! Love these guys! And then, last bridesmaid time of 2019. So special to be apart of these guys’ wedding day!

Lauren and I also had the honour of photographing our Pregnancy Care Center’s Annual Banquet to support women and men during crisis pregnancies.   My last wedding on December 28th was second-shooting for Dianne Velthove. She was asked to photograph a wedding in Vancouver and graciously allowed me to come along and assist! She is a great photographer and was so efficient with the rainy day we had! Thank you Dianne for trusting me enough to bring me along and for taking that BTS shot! And thats a wrap friends!

2019 was incredible. Tiring, beautiful, and oh so rewarding! God did incredible things and let me serve amazing people on one of their most important days of their lives. I hope you enjoyed this little recap, and I’m excited to see what God has in store for 2020!



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